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The original idea behind laslocomm was "Laslo's list of useful resources"; I'd started keeping a list of available services and software in the same spirit as the notebook full of interesting phone numbers and such I'd kept back in the 80's. Many services in the late 90's and early 2000's were based on the idea that they would be free or ad supported initially, and then would someday have enough paying subscribers for the company running the service to become profitable. The original Laslo's List is available via the Wayback Machine. I managed to get some traffic bumps, so at some point someone besides me must have found it useful. Now, it's quite far out of date (which is why I linked to the Wayback Machine version).

I could hack up a dynamic page that pulls a list of resources from a database in response to a search query. I could even hack up (shudder) an app to do the same. If I were at work, and wanted to make money, I'd do that. I'm not.